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Walk to Med Ctr and Nursing School in 2 minutes

Upper White Coat Neighborhood is the optimal location - 2 to 3 minutes walk to the Medical Center and you never have to use your car. Only a few more minutes to the University Main Campus. Some homes are only 75 to 100 yards from the Medical Center. The longest walk is 4 minutes.

The White Coat Village is very popular among Medical, Nursing, Simon and other University Graduate Students. Some years 50% or more of the Medical School class and a quarter of the Simon School class have been living in the White Coat Village.

Private bath in your room

Private full bath directly off your room - Most of the rooms have en-suite full baths directly of the bedroom room. This gives you the ultimate privacy and independence in a shared house and still having friends and collegues around.

Be part of a family in a house

You are part of the house family and you have your own room. Share and enjoy all the common things in the house. You will be living in a house with other students like a family and sharing gas, electricity, cable, internet, TV and even books and occasional study material. Kitchen have some pots, pans and utensils for everybody to use.

Furnished common areas

The common areas are furnished with dining room table, chairs, lamps, side tables and sofas. Common area are decorated with nice artworks. Kitchen has fridge, gas or electrical stove, micro and lots of cupboards.

Extra Fridge

All houses have an extra fridge generally in the kitchen, but if there is no room it is in the basement.

Some of the homes also have large flat screen TV's'


The entire White Coat Village is a safe area - There is a strong community feeling among the families, residents and students who live here. Over time you often get to know your neighbors and other students in the area and the old fashion community atmosphere develops.

Washer and Dryers

Full size washer and dryer available at no cost to students


Classic prewar - Several of the homes are classic prewar style combined with contemporary features like granite kitchen countertops, radient heated bathroom floors, central air-conditioning, walk-in closets and high end appliancet.

High Quality

We offer 17 high-quality spacious homes to students, each with three to four bedrooms and 2.5 to 5.5 baths.

Thirteen of the homes have brand new kitchens many with granite counter tops, hard wood floor and stainless steel appliances.

All homes have central air conditioning and have been newly renovated. New double panel insulated thermo windows have been installed in all homes for energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Most of the tenant rooms have ceiling fans. Eight of the fifteen homes are classical prewar style and seven are vintage/contemporary.

Large Homes

These are all large houses in a safe neighborhood-type area in the Upper White Coat Neighborhood, where University of Rochester medical and other students prefer living. The closest house is only 75 yards from the Medical Center!


Rent starts at $595/month and is based on size, features and quality of the home and the individual rooms. The rent for each room is listed under the room description on each house page.


High speed wireless internet is set up by the tenants as one account for the house. One subscription, one router and everybody shares high speed internet in the entire house and on the deck or in the back yard. The two providers in the area are Green Light and Time Warner.


Location - The location very close to the University of Rochester Medical Center drives the spectrum of tenants. Most of the tenants are related to the University of Rochester Medical Center and the Strong Memorial Hospital in one way or another. We do not restrict our tenants to just University of Rochester students, but the location has certainly influence who elects to live here.

Busy Medical Students - Several houses are typically occupied by University of Rochester medical students. This is an ideal location for the busy medical or nursing student, who does not want to spend time commuting, finding parking and who wants to live with future colleagues in an environment conducive to studying.

Tenants - It is not surprising that several houses are fully occupied by University of Rochester medical or nursing students. Other houses have graduate students at the Univerity of Rochester (working at the Medical Center),

Nursing and PhD students - nursing students typically in the accelerated programs and some PhD students have also been tenants in these houses for several years. We have also seen a few researchers and visiting professors living in our houses.

Lease and move in date

Lease - The lease is for 12 months. We offer nine and a half months lease with an extra $50.00 charge per month. This would be from beginning of August until mid May.

Leasing process - Once you have decided to lease from us fill out the leasing application on our website rental application. This is filled out and submitted directly on the website. We do a back ground check and if you are approved we will send you the lease agreement. You will print out, read, sign and send back the lease with a check for the security deposit. The security deposit is equal to one months rent. On the first day of the lease you will pay the first and last month's rent.

Move in date - Our typical move in dates for a 12 months stay are January 1st, May 15th or August 1st.

You share the house in common with the other students and you will have your own bedroom and access to the house with all its facilities.

How much are utilities

Ownership - The properties on this site are independently owned and maintained. The the University of Rochester has no interest in or responsibility for these properties.

Rental Application

Rental application - When you are ready and know where you like to live you may go ahead and fill out a rental application.

Click here to fill out an application form.

Contact Per Westesson 585 383 0287 or

You rent, and you get, a home, a family, a backyard, and potential lifelong colleagues and friends!

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