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Newly renovated

  • This entire house has been totally renovated from basement to attic. New windows, new doors, new floors, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new insulation, new dryer, refinished hard wood floor, new marble floors, new paint and a new knocker on the front door!  

Keypad lock

  • The main entrance door has been outfitted with an electronic keypad lock for keyless safe entrance to the house. The code can the set to any 4 to 6 digit combination and can be changes as often as needed. 

Green Living - Energy Efficiency

  • Natural gas furnace
  • Central air conditioning
  • New double panel argon thermo windows in the entire house
  • Well insulated attic/roof; BioBased Foam Insulation, made in part from soy bean oil, sprayed into the entire attic providing an insulation value of over R50! This is a natural material that provides superb insulation and a very comfortable indoor climate in the entire house
  • Fully insulated basement
  • Classic foyer with marble floor and 15-light door to living room
  • Double natural gas hot water heaters - never run out of hot water
  • Electrical range
  • 200 amp electrical service as opposed to most houses with 100 amp - never run out of power
  • Much lower energy cost than other house of same size
  • Average monthly gas and electricity bill was $30.40/student/month in 2009

Dual Hot Water Heaters

  • Dual Hot water heaters have been installed in the basement  
  • This allows everybody to take a long shower at the same time and still not be running out of hot water
  • Both tanks are fueled by natural gas for optimal energy efficiency and enviromental concerns
  • In the unlikely situation where on hot water tank malfunctions you still have another one functioning

Energy efficient central A/C

  • An energy efficient and powerful central air condition provides comfortable indoor climate during hot and humit summer days


  • Long drive way directly off Crittenden Blvd  
  • Off street parking with easy in and out
  • Drive is shared with tenants at 95 Crittenden Blvd. This facilitate and reduce cost for snow removal


  • Completely renovated in 2009
  • New kitchen, new bathrooms, new windows, open room layout, new deck
  • Dual fridges - one with chilled water and ice maker
  • Dual dryers
  • Wet bar with beverage cooler
  • Dual gas fueled hot water heaters (2*40 gallons) allowing all students to take long hot showers at the same time and still not run out of hot water
  • Programable key pad locks on front and side doors for safety and efficiency

Location and Safety

  • Located on Crittenden Blvd, which is the same street as the Hospital, School of Medicine and School of Nursing. 90 seconds walk to the Strong Memorial Hospital
  • Very safe and family-friendly street with nice big trees
  • Prime location in upper White Coat Neighborhood
  • Bus stop 5 yards from the front door
  • Keypad locks on each tenant room door
  • Keypad lock on front door for convient and effecient keyless entrance
  • Keypad lock on back door to deck in back yard again for convient and effecient keyless entrance
  • Fire detectors on each floor and in each bedroom. Hard wired, interconnected and with battery backup


  • Prime location

1st Floor | 2nd Floor | 3rd Floor | Lower | General Features | Room Comparison

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